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Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal

Tired of shoveling or plowing your own property? Let Jonboy Landscaping handle the white mess that so many of us can't stand. We are equipped to handle any residential home or small/medium/large size business. We usually have 15-20 employees staffed 24/7 during any snow event that mother nature throws our way. Our office is also open during any snow event to help with current customers and new customers.

We also perform salting for the minor snow accumulations. If you don't like salt because it can damage your concrete and greenery, then maybe trying calcium chloride will solve the problem. Not only will calcium chloride not damage your concrete or greenery, it also will perform better at lower temperatures that salt can't. So whether its plowing, snow blowing or salting, JonBoy Landscaping can get the job done for you in a efficient and timely matter. Please call the office to get details on any of our snow and salting contracts!

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      24542 Five Mile Rd
      Redford, MI 48239

      Office Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:30AM – 3:30PM
      Office Closed: Tuesday, Thursday, Weekends